Mark Melnek

Keyboards / Sax / Flute / and Vocals
"Part of why we all continue to enjoy playing is the love of making music, naturally. But the reason we come out to play it LIVE week after week is the love of seeing our friends getting out of the house, away from the job, and just having FUN. When we see someone come out that we've been entertaining since they were just old enough (or not quite) to sneak into a bar, we still get a huge uplift from it. It's all about the people--that's where the fun is."

Cliff Schrein

Drums / Vocals

Pat McDonagh

Bass / Guitar / Vocals

Larry Smirin

Guitar / Vocals
"It Matters!
It matters when there’s one person in the room or a million or none! It’s all about the heart! There are a lot of great players in the world, the ones you remember are the ones who play it like they mean it. Most people don’t play an instrument, but nearly everybody responds to certain levels of intensity! 
Some Bands are groups of individuals that showed up on the same night and played together… Individually. They are doing their thing in spite of the other players.
When a Band plays as a Band, listens to each other, complements each other, and puts the heart in it, that’s when it really happens!
All that “hokey” stuff about “The Show Must Go On” is mostly true.
The thing is, the show is always going on… You’re in it, or you’re out of it.
Sadly, in most cases, these are antiquated views…
When I start thinking there’s a better way… I’ll quit playing."